About us

Our Vision statement


Learning and living together


Our school is a brain stretching, laughter sharing, independence building and mistake making sort of place. Where we have faith and everyone matters!

Our Mission statement


– To give your best and believe


– To constantly reflect and know our values


– Love respect and share


– Learn live and be determined to succeed.


– Respect responsibility and resilience


– Have a thirst for learning


And…know we are all unique.


Oakmeadow CE Primary and Nursery School can be found in the village of Bayston Hill, in the Town of Shrewsbury, birthplace of Charles Darwin, in Shropshire, United Kingdom.

We are proud of our school;  we know we are not perfect (but we continue to work towards trying to be) and we have many successes here at Oakmeadow.  Our new school was formed in 2011,  we had a rebuild and Mrs Whelan,  the head teacher ,  joined us in January 2013.   We have held a high regard for the uniform as a school,  looking smart and feeling smart every day!  There are many systems and structures in place to ensure we are an efficient school (although we also learn from mistakes, which is vital) and we expect every member of our team – children, parents,  staff and Governors – to follow our aims and mission statement in order to contribute to our school community