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2017 Oakmeadow ‘Games Day’: inclusive awareness

As a pre-requisite for the Schoolgames kitemark application (we achieved silver last year, and are aspiring for the same this year before going for gold in 2017/18), each school is required to host a games day which focuses on the different disciplines covered as part of the Schoolgames programme.  After our very successful cross-phase Rio Olympics day in 2016, Mr. Ostermeyer decided to make it slightly lower key at the end of a very busy term and year, but one with just as an important focus: inclusive sports, going under the umbrella of Sportsability.  Each class had half an hour to sample 4-5 different sports (weather permitting), which allowed the children to experience what it would be like to have a preventative disability such as a lack of movement in the legs, or being partially sighted.  These included a lot of sports that the children had never tried or even heard of before: new age kurling; boccia; sit-down volleyball; archery and goalball.  Please look them up if you are interested in what we tried.

With the help of work-experience students from Meole Brace Secondary, Mr Ostermeyer witnessed the children having lots of fun as well as demonstrated our sporting values, and in conversation with many of the children, all wanted to do more and would be interested in attending an afterschool club of this nature.  Thanks must go to Denise Lee, our local school games organiser, for the loan of the arrows archery set, as well as Mr Nodder at Meole Brace Primary for the loan of the kurling stones.  It would be lovely if we can add our own sets of these to our equipment repertoire.

Looking ahead to 2017/18, we now hope to make links with Severndale school to arrange regular co-operative sessions between their children and ours, in order to broaden our children’s experience with a range of different people from all walks of life.  Well done to all children involved today – great enthusiasm and skills on display.  That is it for sports this year!  Onwards to 2017/18.














2017 – The year of Enterprise

Firstly, we would like to congratulate our amazing enterprise team – who have managed to raise £290 to support the Attingham trip to be free of charge this Friday (21st).  They have done this work as a group and taken their own time to make it work.

So what we will remember from this year with you…

We have to say the COMPETITIVE spirit!  Which came to the forefront last week in a ‘casual’ rounders match…which ended up with Charlie taking out Mrs Whelan’s toe (which is arthritic by the way!) …  Leo taking on Mrs Jones and questioning her knowledge of the rules… (very brave move Leo) and within a few minutes of the game the tension of the Olympics games was upon us!

However, we were quickly reminded of the fun loving nature of this year 6 when we then invented our own game of the floor is lava on the adventure play area.  Yet we dare not say ‘Andy’s coming’…

There have been moments of sheer delight in year 6 and some others too!!!!…What was the main moment for us was to see your sheer determination in SATs…to hear children asking ‘what can I do extra?…what do I need to work on?…how can I get expected?…. what do I need to do to push myself?’ is a real indicator that making you into effective learners has been achieved…

We hope you take that learning attitude with you now for the future.  To achieve the best, you can be, to give your best and to always consider our values here at Oakmeadow.  Life can be hard sometimes…it can be cruel.  However, we believe that if you remain honest and have integrity, you will not go far wrong.  Try to not grow up too soon…

You’ll be racing on now to grow up and be an adult…but take time to remember as an adult life is full of responsibility and pressure…take time to enjoy the next journey, seize every opportunity and remember you are capable of being whatever you choose to be. All you have to do is want it enough.

Good luck, be brave, be thoughtful and be loving. Be tolerant of each other and make mistakes.  The greatest way to learn!  Don’t judge others and in this life – be competitive with what you can achieve and dream not each other.  We will miss you but we fully believe you are going to go on and do great things.

So class of 2017…well done!

















A summer’s day of circus celebrations

Hundreds of parents, children, grandparents, neighbours and more turned out to an amazing performance from Happy’s Circus on the school field on Saturday 1 July.

As well as the cheers from the audience on the day, there was a big cheer from the organisers – Oakmeadow PTA – when it was revealed the event made a grand total of £1314.24 for the school!

The sun shone down as everyone enjoyed the traditional delights including candyfloss, plate spinning and slush puppies, as well as some Hook a Duck, face painting and a hot dog.  It was all fun and laughter inside the big top as Mr Happy and his sidekick Sergei played a series of mischievous pranks and kept the audience entertained.  From acrobats to plate spinning and balancing tricks, the team at Happy’s provided a fabulous afternoon of entertainment aimed at the children.

Sally Page, chair of the PTA, sends out her thanks to all of the parent volunteers, community volunteers, PTA and mini PTA members who helped make this event possible, with special thanks to Kathryn Poli who took the lead on the event on behalf of the PTA committee.














Valuing what we have achieved and what we offer: the road ahead

Dear Home


News & information update:


It’s a busy few weeks ahead now as we move into our new classes.  It’s an exciting time and we will do all we can to ensure this is fluent and stress-free!  Please come in and ask any questions over the next few weeks so we are all ready for the new year in September.

A letter has gone home with dates recently,  please put these in your diary as a reminder and use our website to keep up to date.

This year seems to have flown by and you will be aware of our recent letter sharing our school achievement information.

While we are immensely proud of our children daily and recently for these superb SATS,  phonics and other ‘judging’ data information we would like to share with you a wider picture.

This year the children needed to get more points than 2016 to achieve national expectations in reading.  This is just an example of the year by year political agenda for these external validations.  The progress measures  for the school will be based on the annual average,  meaning this can change annually….(if you wish to look into how the data works at primary Michael Tidd provides great recordings on line).

Our progress will be above average in some areas this year and an improved picture from the chaotic year of assessment that was 2016 nationally,  but again the achievement needed for this will change annually.  Whilst our data continues to significantly improve  because of our constant focus on good quality teaching,  we hope you agree it’s not the only area we should be judged on.  We received an ofsted inspection in 2016 that scrutinised more than this data and we were very proud of the results.  So we hope this reassures you that as a school we feel passionately about being more than ‘a set of results’.

We will always strive for the best for your children,  we will always ensure we focus on getting each child ready for their next journey. Whether that’s in the next year group or moving on to secondary and what we also feel should take a focus is how we help the children  develop into kind,  thoughtful individuals who are emotionally resilient and tolerant.

This year we promise to continue to improve,  developing more drama,  music and creativity into our curriculum.  With the cuts in school budget we are determined this will not be at your child’s detriment and due to stringent and careful focus of this over the last 4 years we are able to continue our delivery of quality teaching and support.

So while the DFE celebrate this…









We celebrate each fabulous individual at Oakmeadow,  their hard work this year and the fantastically strong team delivering learning at our school.  Thank you for the part you play in that team.

Next year will be hugely focused on our creative curriculum,  mindfulness and PHSE… so please come along to parent council to hear more.

On behalf of the leadership team and whole school we would like to say thank you to all those who daily support the school and very much look forward to seeing those who can make the whole school picnic on Monday 24th July.

The Oakmeadow team

Girls football team do us proud!

In blistering heat, the girls football team performed admirably in the final Crossbar Cup today at TCAT in Telford, losing in a heartbreaking manner on penalties to Lawley in the semi-final.  Huge credit to all the girls who took part in difficult conditions – great role models and representatives of our school.

We now hold 2 out of 3 of the Crossbar cups following this seasons exploits.  Huge thanks go to Miss Turner for her commitment to the coaching and attending of competitions with the teams, often late into the night in her own time.  I certainly couldn’t do the other sports events without her doing this!

Can we go for all 3 next year?





















Move up week as we approach the end of term

Dear Home,
Transition is such an important time, getting the children settled and feeling confident in their new classes is crucial to effective learning.  This is why we have move up in summer term.
Our children will move to their new classes on the 10th,  learn about routines and get familiar with all their new books and systems.  It’s a chance for you at home to see their new teacher,  to ask any questions and be ready for September.  This then means September (after a number of weeks off) is hopefully less stressful and that returning to school is fluent and enjoyable.
A letter has been sent out with all the little details on entrance and cloakroom information, each year group has had a leaflet informing homes about homework and essentials and all term dates are out on our website.  We hope we’ve provided you with everything you need.  Please know if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
We try to keep in constant contact with you at home so please ensure we have your latest email and mobile to secure this.  In addition keep updated on our website,  blog,  twitter and Facebook page.  We know all of these will allow you access to everything you need,  but if not please feel free to call in,  call or email to ask.  This is your child’s education and we always have a team approach with this; they will get the most out of us if we work in a unified way.  So here’s a reminder of emails and numbers:
01743 875020
Finally, reports and achievement results for year 2 and 6 will be out soon, and so we hope you enjoy a summary of your child’s year.  We will not be holding officially parents evening as we feel these give you a wealth of information;  however, if you wish to discuss any aspect of these reports, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the class teacher.  They will be happy to answer any questions.
On the note of ‘results’, we would like to say how proud we are of all the children and particularly those who have sat ‘tests’.  These can be stressful but our children met these with determination and resilience and we could not have asked for more!
Have a great week!
The leadership team

Using AdobeSpark Video to share our learning!

Today Y5 and 6 used the wonderful free app,  AdobeSpark Video to create videos to show our learning from Worship Week.  It is such a simple app to use, and one of the best parts about it is that when you share the video, it creates a unique URL where you can instantaneously share our work with a global audience.  Even if you don’t have the app, you can use the parallel browser version ( to achieve the same effects.  All pictures used are stored in the Adobe library, meaning you can quickly access them without having to first download.  Check out some of the examples below: I am very impressed with the children’s capabilities with this app, and their understanding from this week.

Izzy and Jess’

Edie and Amber’s

Andrew and Fran’s

Alex and Mackenzie’s

Sam and Tom’s

Worship Week at school: who was Jesus?

This week across school we are taking part in worship week, looking at who Jesus was, and what he represents for the Christian faith.  Each class has a slot in the studio where they can take part in activities such as cross-making, bracelet making, and designing a superhero linked to our school and Christian values.  Across Y5 and Y6 today, we have been looking at how and why Jesus is represented historically through art, in particular, looking at the 9th century Byzantine Greek influence, where he is shown using golds and bronzes, holding the holy scriptures and blessing with his other hands.  We then applied our art skills to create these fantastic representations, by first sketching, and then painting.  A great range of interpretations, I am sure you will agree.  The picture below was made using the great-and-free app, PicCollage, where you can add up to 20 images into various frames to create different effects.  Check back for more as we go throughout this informative week.




























Summer term sporting updates

Huge congratulations to the U9 football team who amazed again by winning the annual Crossbar Cup, amassing a huge amount of goals!  Miss Turner was incredibly proud of their achievements, and with at least two more years of being together at Oakmeadow, who knows what the future will hold? Surely the team can only get better.

Well done also to the girls football team who played on Wednesday, winning all three of their games.  It has been a great footballing week for our school!

Yesterday, two teams represented our school at the first day of the Schoolgames Summer Games in kwikcricket and dodgeball.  On a very sunny-but-windy day (I am glowing slighty today!), they were great ambassadors for Oakmeadow.  The dodgeball team finished the group in joint first, winning 11, drawing 1 and losing 3, and just missing out on the first-second playoff.  We entered the third-fourth playoff where we played Greenfields, and narrowly missed the bronze position losing the match two games to one.  I was incredibly proud with our conduct in both victory and defeat – demonstrating our sporting values throughout.  The cricketers finished third over all, in what for many was their first time representing the school in sport.

On a final note, I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed lacrosse club on a Friday.  The children who signed up did not even know what the sport was before, but they wanted to have a go, and the progress they have made in 5 sessions has been nothing short of amazing.  If only other primary schools played it, we would certainly give them a run for their money!

A happy Mr O – this is why I got into teaching 🙂

Enjoy the warm weather over the weekend.  Myself and Mrs Jones will be running the Shrewsbury half marathon in what is meant to be very hot conditions.  Hopefully we will make it back on Monday morning…

Fantastic free maps of Europe and EU

Apologies about the lack of updates in the last few weeks – I have been very lucky enough to meet my 2nd daughter, Taryn, who was born 9 days early on 21st May, and have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her and my family.  However, I am now back to work, and looking forward to a full final half term!

In Year 5 and 6, we are currently studying our topic of Europe; its geography, but also the European Union.  With the recent Brexit vote, emergence of the Presidency of Donald Trump in the US, and with yesterday’s election, it has become apparent to me that children at an increasingly younger age are more aware of politics, both consciously and subconsciously.  We decided to capitalise on this interest, and we are really enjoying our topic, where we are currently designing our own island to join Europe, looking at the geographical features of neighbouring countries to where we decide to locate it, and how this would affect our island both physically and in human terms.  There has been some great creativity so far, which I will update to the blog when a little more advanced.

In the mean time, Hawk’s classroom is currently adored in flags and maps of Europe (I have always been very interested in studying them), and the children have professed interest in acquiring some for themselves, as they are available for free(!) from the European Commission; all you have to do is pop your address in and they will send them to you free of charge.  They are also not restricted by quantity.  There are also a lot of other great resources that can be obtained from the link below

European Commission downloads

In this global world that we live in, never more so has it been important for our children’s generation to be aware of the world around them.














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