Pantomime Final Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers


Our pantomime trip is nearly upon us. We will be going to Theatre Severn on Thursday 29th November to watch Mother Goose. We are attending the 2pm showing and will be leaving school after lunch. The show will finish at 4:30pm and we aim to arrive back at school at 5:00pm.


Children will be dismissed from their usual home time points around the school. Lansdowne and Beeches gate will open just before 5pm for parents to make their way into the school grounds. Please can we ask that you wait until your child has been dismissed by their teacher rather than approaching the children. This will ensure children are dismissed securely and hand over can be recorded appropriately. All children from Reception up to Year 4 will need to be collected by an adult. We are aware that some children in Year 5 and 6 have permission to walk home alone from school however on this day we would like the children to be collected as it will be dark.


We are aware of work commitments so are happy to dismiss to friends and family however it is extremely important that your children know their home time arrangements or better still if you do have the opportunity to speak to your child’s teacher before the trip please do so to inform them of any changes in pick up arrangements.


Children are to wear school uniform as normal and will need to bring a coat. We have decided it would be easier for both the children and school if school bags were left at home on this day.


Finally please ensure we have your most up to date contact details on our system as these numbers will be used in case of an emergency.


Thank you for your cooperation with this and we hope the children thoroughly enjoy their day.


Yours sincerely

The Senior Leadership Team

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