Important info RE: Next week

Dear Homes


The weather forecast for next week:

As it looks to remain high for Monday and with KS2 sports day Tuesday afternoon, normal uniform will resume WEDNESDAY  as this looks to then slightly (still lovely though!) cool down.
















Thank you for your support and cooperation in this.  Please continue to wear suncream,  water bottles and hats etc.


A few reminders:


Can we ask please that children arrive at school as the gates open (8.50am) unless they attend breakfast club as we don’t have the staffing to supervise children in reception.  Thank you.


Parking:  a reminder to park respectfully and responsibly so the children are safe.  There should be no parking on zig zags/ corners which obstruct vision for crossing and please try to avoid Longmeadow Road. Thank you.


Move up time:  this is the 9th July and the children arrive at THEIR NORMAL CURRENT CLASSROOM,  they will then go from assembly to their new class.  Leaving at the end of the day from their new class.  Thank you.


And term dates for 2018-19 are now out.  Please put these in your diary and note we break up for October half term on Wednesday 24th October.  Thank you.



Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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