Year 1 Respect Assembly

Year 1 started the half term with an assembly focussed on our value – respect.

We discussed the meaning of respect and found out that it is about how we feel about someone or something and how we treat them. We did paintings to show the rest of the school and some children explained what it meant to them. This is what they had to say;

I respect my Mummy because she gave a kidney to my Grandad.


I follow rules from Mummy and Daddy to show them that I care about how they feel.


I use kind words because I respect other people’s feelings.


I use kind hands and feet because I care about keeping other people safe.

Sophie R

I look after our outdoor area because I love spending time out there with my friends.


I take pride in myself in the way I act and speak to keep my new baby brother and myself safe and happy.

Sophie M

I respect my Uncle because he gave some of his liver to my Auntie.


We showed through drama the respect we need to show to the rest of the world around us in our community and shared the Blue Planet 2 advert and some of the amazing animals we need to respect in our wider world.


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