Amazing mathematical experience for Miss Taylor!

Next week sees an exciting opportunity for Miss Taylor, as a maths specialist, and Oakmeadow Primary School. Last year, Miss Taylor trained to be a Teaching for Mastery Maths Specialist, and works collaboratively with Salop and Herefordshire maths hub and the NCETM (National Centre for excellence in Teaching Mathematics) to develop ‘Teaching for Mastery Approaches’, which is funded by the Department for Education (DFE).

As part of the Teaching for Mastery Specialist programme, Shropshire Maths Hub has been asked to select two Cohort 2 Specialist teachers to take part in the China-England Teacher Exchange, and one of these teachers will be Miss Taylor. This will involve a two week visit to Shanghai from 16th September until 30th September 2017. This is followed by each Maths Hub receiving two Shanghai teachers, who will be based together in a single host school for the duration of their visit. Oakmeadow CE Primary have been very fortunate to be selected to host the Shanghai teachers in the Spring term. This will be an excellent opportunity to develop maths CPD throughout the school.

Mrs Jones will be covering badgers class whilst Miss Taylor is in Shanghai, which will mean the children will benefit from a consistent teaching approach as they have worked very closely together to make sure all the necessary arrangements are in place.

Oakmeadow are extremely excited about this wonderful opportunity. During the Autumn term, children will be developing their knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture in our ‘Arts and Culture’ week. Furthermore, we will provide further information regarding the hosting of the Shanghai teachers closer to the time of their arrival.

All that is left to say is


Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn


Good luck Miss Taylor!

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