Worship Week at school: who was Jesus?

This week across school we are taking part in worship week, looking at who Jesus was, and what he represents for the Christian faith.  Each class has a slot in the studio where they can take part in activities such as cross-making, bracelet making, and designing a superhero linked to our school and Christian values.  Across Y5 and Y6 today, we have been looking at how and why Jesus is represented historically through art, in particular, looking at the 9th century Byzantine Greek influence, where he is shown using golds and bronzes, holding the holy scriptures and blessing with his other hands.  We then applied our art skills to create these fantastic representations, by first sketching, and then painting.  A great range of interpretations, I am sure you will agree.  The picture below was made using the great-and-free app, PicCollage, where you can add up to 20 images into various frames to create different effects.  Check back for more as we go throughout this informative week.




























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