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Mr Ostermeyer’s Computing Club: ‘tinkering’ with technology

Today was the last of my computing club for the term, where our primary aim was to look at the free apps and technology available out there on Windows and Apple based platforms.  20 keen individuals from KS2 were the proverbial guinea pigs as we tried out the following programmes.

Scratch: a free programming language and online community where you can createyour own interactive stories, games, and animations.  This is an excellent gateway to learning how to code; a key component of the new 2014 Computing curriculum.  For all of the budding games designers out there, this is a great programme to learn on!  It is available for free at, where just by clicking on ‘create’ you can get under away.  Sign up for free, and you can even save your projects for a rainy day.








Kodu: lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills (see an introductory video here).  We had a lot of fun on this programme, and with helpful tutorials, it is easy to pick up.  It is free on Windows computers, and is under £5 for the Xbox.








Toontastic: 3D is a creative storytelling app that empowers kids to draw, animate, narrate, and record their own cartoons on their tablet, phone or Chromebook.  It allows you to record your own voice to narrate over a range of different settings, even allowing you to design your own characters for your story! Certainly worth a download.








Adobe Spark Video: a free online video editor. Easily create beautiful slideshows, presentations, ads, and stories using your own photos, videos, and music.  This programme is so simple to use, and you can create great video slideshows in a flash by using the online bank of images, clipart-style icons and music to create the atmosphere you wish.  This was what we finished on today, and you can see some of the videos created here, courtesy of Daniel Carroll and Eleri Charles.

It has been my pleasure to share these fantastic free resources with the children in the club, and the intention is over the next academic year to see this rolling out more into what constitutes our everyday classroom learning.  If you would like any more information on the educational value of the programmes used, please leave a comment.

KS2 Grammar workshop – files available for download

Thank you to those parents who attended the KS2 grammar workshop last night in the main hall.  As promised, here are the documents discussed.  Please contact us for any further queries on the content or supplementary resources.

Thank you, Mrs Hill

Websites mentioned to help further support at home are:

crickweb grammar

primary homework help

BBC bitesize

Top Marks


Files are downloadable from the links below:

Key Stage 2 GPS Meeting


Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Year 5 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Three little pigs visit Oakmeadow!









In EYFS, Wilf bought in a role play script of the three little pigs from home.  He chose some of his friends to help him act out the play. They did an amazing job following and reading the script with a little help from Wilf’s mum.











Oakmeadow Orienteers

On Thursday 23 March, a team of 12 children from Y5&6 attended the annual School Games Orienteering competition at the Sports Village.  After a wet week weather-wise, it was always going to be an even tougher course than usual, but luckily the sun was shining when it came to the afternoon of the event.  After receiving our maps and control cards, and following a quick reminder on map orientation and route planning, the children were split into twos and sent off at different start times to collect the controls.  All of our teams performed very well, despite even losing some footwear along the way (Aimee G!).  Even more important, all teams had great fun working together to take part in this exciting sport.  Special mention to the ‘B’ team, and in particular to Jerry R and Josh T who completed the course in an amazing time of 15.32.  Unfortunately this was not enough to see us qualify for the summer games, as the event was dominated by Coleham (who must have been training very hard).  Well done to all – great representatives in demonstrating our sports values.

Teams and times:

A1, Andrew P and Daniel C, 22.64, 5th out of 12

A2, Ben P and Arthur T, 21.44, 5th out of 12

B1, William J and Jake L, 22.22, 5th out of 12

B2, Jerry R and Josh T, 15.32, 1st out of 12

C1, Owain J and Florence T, 22.00, 3rd out of 12

C2, Aimee G and Izzy C, 21.15, 2nd out of 12










Oakmeadow TV: coming soon…






















On Friday 24th March, Robins & Owls classes spent a busy and exciting day with Titus the Roman Soldier.

The children found out about life in the Roman Army and had the chance to try on some armour -they couldn’t believe how heavy it was!

The also went outside and practised marching and attacking with swords and shields (wooden ones of course!) and also learnt some commands in Latin. They especially enjoyed making the Testudo Battle Formation on the playground.

Titus brought in all the armour and equipment that a Roman soldier would have carried with him and we had chance to look closely at it and guess what each part was used for. Each child also had opportunity to ‘mint’ their own Roman coin as a memento of the day.

We also found out lots about the British tribes that lived here at the time of the Romans Invasion and at the end of the day, we acted out the story of Boudicca’s rebellion against the Romans.

The children had a wonderful time – thank you Titus!














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Puppet action in year 1!

Sealegs Puppet Company visited KS1 on Friday. We enjoyed a beautiful production of The Ugly Duckling. There was music, singing, and laughter as the story was brought to life in a gentle and engaging way. The children were entranced all the way through and were sorry to see it end. After the performance we had the opportunity to ask questions and find out about the different types of puppets and how they were made.

Alfie Griffiths said,  “My favourite part was when the ugly duckling turned into the swan. It was happy at the end.”

We all love a happy ending!










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