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Day 5 – the end of our week and the end of term.

Spending this whole week on using the internet safely has really opened the children’s eyes to behaving appropriately on the internet, as well as the staff’s! We have really promoted the internet as a great tool available to us for a number of different uses.  In discussion with the children, they have learnt a lot of new things and above all, enjoyed cross-curricular learning.  Children who were here all day, everyday in Y6 completed 11 different pieces of work!  To finish off in Year 6, we had some fun with looking at Spam emails, in  particular those known as Nigerian Prince scams.  Frighteningly, thousands of people fall for these emails every year, and spend thousands as a consequence.  We looked at the poor grammar and sentence construction they contained, and politely declined their offers, but offered them some suggestions on how they could be more successful by re-writing them into standard English.  Look at the photos below to see the difference between the two.







It has been a fantastic week at our school, and I certainly think we shall be looking at Safer Internet week 2018!  Stay SMART, THINK, and above all, enjoy yourselves using the internet.









Day 4 – feeding back our learning

On Thursday, we held an assembly to present back to the whole school what each class had been learning throughout the week.  Before this, Y5&6 looked at the T&Cs of Instagram, interestingly highlighted in the government-published document: Growing Up Digital, which discussed the complexity of understanding just exactly what personal information we hand over when we sign up for an app.  We felt this really important, as 43% of 8-11 year-olds nationally have instagram accounts.  They contain a staggering 15 pages, and when spelled out in simple language, highlight that we hand over a scary stuff of information about ourselves.  Therefore, Y5&6 took it amongst themselves to precis them even further for children at our school.  See the photo below for exactly what you agree to when you sign up.  We also looked at a very interesting way of representing data, and in particular using NatGeo MapMaker as a stimulus to create our own maps to show the amount of internet use per resident per country.  A very effective way of visually creating stimuli for questions about what could explain this data!






During our sharing assembly, it was great to see how different years had approached the week to get maximum learning across for their relevant ages.  Y1 & Y2 had a focus on storytelling, and produced a fantastic class pictogram! They also created this very visual map of how they use the internet positively to talk to family members around the world.  Y2 created some Digiduck masks for their roleplay.  Y4 included a conscience alley to discuss what one should do in a scenario where being safe online was put into jeopardy…luckily, the right decision was made in the end thanks to help from classmates!  It was great to see the work produced and how much the children enjoyed it.




Day 3 – on the route to becoming e-safe experts!

Today I had the pleasure of getting out into classes in the afternoon to see what other great work was being produced around our safer internet week.  I stopped off in Y3 and Y4 and saw some great data handling work going on around what internet-enabled devices Squirrels had.  They crunched the numbers and then produced some very visual bar charts.

IMG_2806    IMG_2807    IMG_2804   IMG_2805





Y4 had been looking at what safer internet day was, and using this as guided reading stimulus, as well as producing posters of how to stay safe online.

IMG_2808   Capture






Finally, in Y2, lot’s of good learning is going on, including masks being planned and made in Y2 to fit in with the text stimulus of Digiduck – can’t wait to photograph and get them up on here!  Here is Amelia’s precis of the story – we could learn from her in upper KS2!








Tomorrow, we have an assembly in the afternoon where we will be presenting the work we have done to the rest of the school, including some roleplay scenarios from Y6.  Check back for photographic evidence tomorrow.

Day 2 of learning how to be e-safe…

It was another busy day on Tuesday learning about how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet, by demonstrating positive behaviour.  Y5&6 looked at the the positive or negative influence we can have on others by posting comments online, particularly images (using some great ideas from Alan Mackenzie,@esafetyadviser) with the message being think before you post.  We then followed this up by looking at the excellent video Let’s fight it together produced by Childnet.  We discussed how this situation could be avoided, and that actually by being a bystander, you become an accessory to bullying.

inference       feelings






Down in year 1, they have been reading the book PenguinPig: When a little girl reads about a penguinpig on the Internet, she decides that she must go and find one. Not telling her parents, she sets off to the zoo and carefully follows the instructions from the website. But does she find her adorable penguinpig?  They posed questions to the little girl about why she went without telling anyone, and the risk of doing this.  Sam D created this fantastic illustration of what the little girl actually found at the zoo!  Check out Thomas’ letter to the little girl below.

IMG_2800    IMG_2801






Another key day of learning how to think about how we behave online across school.

Safer Internet Week – Day 1!

In Y5&6, we started the week by discussing what we use the Internet for, and then discussed the positives and negatives we might face, understanding that the technology is neutral; it is how we behave on it that matters when staying safe online.  Badgers produced these fantastic posters to demonstrate their e-safety.
IMG_2762      IMG_2761       IMG_2760






Making links to maths, we looked at data around the use of social media in different locations around the world, and drew our own conclusions as to what the stories were behind the data represented.  All in all a very eye-opening and informative day – we look forward to building on this tomorrow!

IMG_2764      IMG_2763





Welcome to the Oakmeadow Primary school blog mk2!

This new and improved blog will be updated weekly with all that is happening at our school with one prime goal – sharing all the great content we are learning, and how.

Last Tuesday, 7th February, was ‘safer internet day’ nationally.  Understanding has never been so important in this technological age we live in.  At Oakmeadow, we have decided to celebrate a whole week of this vital learning theme, where all of our work will be cross-curricular, aimed at developing understanding of how we can behave responsibly online.  Check back for daily updates of what this looks like in practise!



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