Dear Home

Dear Home

As we head towards the holidays we would just like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support.  An opportunity to say a huge well done to our children and staff for our continued excellent results.


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House football competition: week 5 the final fixtures

Today saw the final fixtures of the inaugural house football tournament, with all houses represented in two simultaneous games taking place, and what an exciting culmination it was!  On a cold but sunny lunchtime, it was Webb up against Flavell, and Lock against Beddoes.  In somc very close games, the drama swung in different directions, with the sometimes sporting underdogs Webb and Lock coming out on top.  Scores and goalscorers are as ever detailed below.  With regards to the overall outcome, all will be announced at our end of term assembly next Friday morning.  The wily of you could trawl back through the results and perform some maths if you wanted, but where is the fun in that?! All that can be said is, that it was close…very close, and all goals matter!

Webb A 1 – 0 Flavell A  (Maddox Gray)

Webb B 3 – 1 Flavell B (Aaron Howard 2, James O’Malley; Joseph Money)

Lock A 2 – 1 Beddoes A (goalscorers to be updated as piece of paper left at school!)

Lock B 1 – 1 Beddoes B  (Tamara Price; Jacob Robinson)

It has been a pleasure to watch the camaraderie and enjoyment of all who have taken part in this first house cup, and we are very excited for this and the other sports becoming regular fixtures in our sporting calendar at level 1 intra-school sports.  Next up in Spring 1: hockey

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Consult Parent Notice 2019

Please see attached the letter below. Thank you.

Consult Parent Notice 2019

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The Governing Body

As you will be aware school leadership is a team effort in every school and each school is overseen by a governing body.  Since 2013 the chair of our governing body has been Gary Felton.  Gary stepped into this position at a time when the school was experiencing a lot of difficulties, change and had recently amalgamated.  As the newly appointed Head in 2013 there were some very clear areas for improvement at this time and over the first two years there was a great deal to accomplish.  Together as a team we set about meeting these challenges and more.  Over the last 5 years the school has grown in strength, achieved fabulous results and invested in securing excellence across all areas, with committed staff and energised children.  It is at this point that Mr Felton has decided to step down from this position and relinquish his position as governor.  


I would like to take this opportunity to share my huge amount of gratitude to Mr Felton for the time he has dedicated the school, the unconditional support he has given me as Head and the integrity he has shown in this role.  


I would also like to share with you that our newly elected chair is Keith Winter.  Mr Winter has been a governor for a number of years, has a huge amount of experience to support the school with its continued success.


On a final note if there are any parents who are interested in becoming a governor, influencing decisions and contributing to the running of the school do not hesitate to contact school.  Please email:


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After School Clubs

REMINDER: All after school clubs will be finishing this week. No clubs will be running next week, Thank you.

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KS1 Christmas Performance Programme – The Landlords Cat

Please see attached the programme for the KS1 Christmas performance – The Landlords Cat.


Key Stage One Christmas Nativity programme 2018 A4

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Two reminders for this week

12Ks of Christmas are ongoing this week.  We have completed 4 so far.  We are endeavouring to keep a list of who has done what, but please remind your children about it, and to have the relevant footwear!

Digital leaders interviews will take place on Wednesday afternoon for those who applied with Mrs Whelan and Mr Ostermeyer.  We will be exploring the qualities and skills needed for this role.  To prepare, children might want to remind themselves of the sorts of questions they responded to on the Application Form

Always busy busy at our school!

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EYFS Christmas performance programme

Please see attached the eyfs Christmas performance programme.


A Present for the Baby – EYFS Programe

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Dates for your diary!

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Parents notice regarding Christmas performances

Please note:

This year we will not be collecting in mobiles but we ask for your cooperation in ensuring they are turned off and put away.  

We are asking for no photos due to respecting the wish of those parents that have not given consent for their child to be photographed and do not wish their child to be on any social media forum.  It also distracts the children.  

At the end we will allow photos prior to them returning to class for personal use only please.  We will also be uploading a photo of your child onto seesaw.  Thank you for respecting others wishes in this area.  

In regard to health and safety if there is a fire alarm,  which we don’t envisage,  please make your way out to the fire exits to the assembly points – playground/car park.  Thank you. 

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